Consulting Services

... structure follows strategy. With strategies the direction of the business are defines and actions are determined. A strategy process is a integral piece of the executive calendar, actions build on past successes, actual changes and future challenges. META provides

  • market research (trends and competition analysis)
  • Strategy development, - navigation, - implementation, - process (PSP)
  • Innovation Management (business development)
  • Change Management (project management)
  • Process management (Business Process Reengineering)

Corporate Development

... in todays dynamic economies, you need a trusted partner to review and support your business strategy. All META consultants have worked in a management position and have references of their consulting assignments. They have experience in how and how much change you can apply in your company. References exist

  • Business development (portfolio management)
  • Moderation (Coaching)
  • Mediation (crisis management)